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Chardé’s Counseling Center 🧠💕

Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us. There seems to be no one who can see it, but you’re just about ready to tap out. Your plans have been laid, and you’re ambitious and determined, but inside your motivation fades and your fears are growing. You’ve spent the last few years running the race, jumping through the hoops you thought would keep things together, yet it doesn’t seem like there is an end. You’ve given everything to others and now you are the one who feels left behind like no one understands. No more. It’s time you make a change.

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Chardé Walker, LCSW-CART

You deserve this healing 🥀🌹

🌷The fancy stuff:I assist children, adolescent and adult clients utilizing a variety of therapeutic modalities including a holistic approach, a play-centered approach, trauma- focused cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. I also hold additional certifications in anger management and unified protocol. 
🌷The real stuff:Therapy with me looks like racing home after a long day to tell your best friend how your day went. We will meditate, laugh, process difficult things and most importantly, we will grow together.

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Virtual Services in Texas

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Child/Adolescent Therapy 🧠 

Young Adult & Adult Therapy 🧠

Parenting Sessions 🧠

✨I meet my parents, children and young adults where they are. I have the ability to tailor my approach depending on your needs. I can help you figure out how to live a more peaceful and happier life at school, work, and/or home. My goal is to empower you to move past tough situations and tough feelings. You need to find a place where you feel comfortable, I would be honored to assist you along this journey. ✨



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🌷United Healthcare



🌷United Medical Resources


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🌷 Self Pay

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Let's Connect 💗💙

Sending love, light and peace of mind!

💙Mon - Fri: 5pm - 8pm

🩷Sat & Sun: Closed

🚨Please contact 9-1-1 or 9-8-8 in the event of an emergency.

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